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Share your story here.

Leon C. review

"would highly recommend Dr. Dianat and Irvine Root Canal Specialists"

I got my root canal treatment (RCT), first ever, from Dr. Dianat spanning from end of November to end of December 2019 and would recommend Dr. Dianat and Irvine Endodontics to anyone who needs to get done RCT. Two days before Thanksgiving on 11/26/19, I began to experience pain in my R31 molar tooth. I took over-the-counter pain relief pills thinking that it would eventually go away, as it had many times in the past, but this time the pain would get much worse. It became almost unbearable on Thanksgiving Day, but that was also when my sister told me that Dr. Dianat had fixed her root canal originally performed elsewhere and advised me to try him. Next Day, Black Friday, when I expected no dental offices to be open, I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Dianat at 9:30 AM. Dr. Dianat evaluated the tooth, cleaned out the infected area, put in temporary filling, and then advised me to see my general dentist to help ensure a crown could be placed over the molar following the RCT. I received the confirmation and then returned to Dr. Dianat on Saturday, 12/28/19 to complete the RCT. I was expecting certain level of discomfort following the procedure, but once the anesthetics had worn off I was fine - as if nothing had happened to the tooth. Needless to say, very happy. During both visits, Dr. Dianat was patient and professional and took time to explain and answer my questions. The front office staff, including Bill, also, were also helpful during the month-long process. The definition of patient experience. Again, would highly recommend Dr. Dianat and Irvine Endodontics.

M. C. Review

Comfortable, Gntle, Calm...

I usually do not write reviews unless they are either 5 stars or 1 stars. Anything in between is expected of a Business. Also, I usually wait 6 months to write reviews for medical practices but this one is an exception. Before I get into the review of this office, I must share that I have learned something new when I went through this ordeal. I never new the definition of a Endodontist until my Dentist (former) messed up on my root canal procedure which it was done years ago. How can you mess up on a root canal right? Well, in my case, the Dentist did not remove the roots deep enough. The pain of sensitivity surfaced years later which was a lengthy process to repair: drill through the crown, redo the root canal, remove the infection with antibiotics and then re-crown. This will take about 4 visits between the Endodontist and the Dentist. From now on, I will use an Endodontist to do anything related to root canals and nerves. They have equipment specialize for root canal which most Dentist do not. HARD LESSON LEARNED HERE! Take your chance and do it with a Dentist and years later, the sensitivity will resurface. It costed me an extra $300, the time lost, and driving annoyance, cut into my work hours, etc... Completely annoying on something should have done correctly in the first place! Now, to get to the review of Irvine Endodontic. The office is very clean and they were great enough to rush me over from a recommendation of my new Dentist (Dr. Peter Lee). The highlight of this visit is actually Dr. Dianat who performed my root canal procedure. When I came to him, I had a huge infection because the root canal and the crown were not done properly from previous Dentists. The main points I really like about Dr. Dianat are the followings: Customer Services: Very Professional Communicates every steps about the procedure (what will happen) No surprises since most of us hate going to the Dentist/Endodontist Listens to my concerns (I have a phobia of needles) When I asked him why the infection, he avoids blaming on any of the Dentists He followed up/call after my visits. Skills: He took his time and very passionate to get the procedure done correctly. Immediately, after the first visit, I was able to bite again. He could have rushed the cleaning infection job but he dragged to two visits to give it time to heal. The second visit did not cost money. He prepped the area very carefully before they started the process. He and his assistant Britney work very well together as they communicate through the procedure (well oiled machine). They are probably the best combination that I have seen. Doctor and Assistant. Britney is also very sweet. Both continue to make sure that the procedure was comfortable. In addition to the skills, here is my experience with Dr. Dianat when it comes to needles. I have shared with him that I am very afraid of needles. I rather take a punch than to get needles stick in my mouth. He gave me the first shot and then we patiently waited for 5 minutes before he gave all the remaining shots which helped relieve the phobia. Thank you for doing this. The only con that I would mention is that there were 4 xrays which I am a bit concern but that is not enough for a star deduction because that would have happened at any office. Time will tell on this root canal procedure but I am confident because they kept me well informed with the xrays. FYI... I am very selective in who I choose as my medical practitioner since my line of work is also in the healthcare industry. This was a good recommendation from another new Dentist (Dr. Peter Lee). **The weird thing was, I mentally wrote this Yelp review in my mind and recorded all of the pros/cons as Dr. Dianat was performing the procedure (drilling). Hahah LOL!

Matthew K. review

"Truley a master of his creaft"

I had was awoken around 3:00 am three weeks ago with a pounding pain in my left lower jaw. I watched videos and searched online for information pertaining to root canals, implants, or even possibly removing the molar completely. I ended up reading an article from an endodontist explaining the procedures and how they differ. He mentioned that a properly done root canal will take 2-3 visits and to avoid anyone trying to do the procedure in 1 trip. That eliminated some of the competition and the 5-Star ratings along with past client reviews concluded my search. The cherry on top was Irvine Endodontists offers "emergency root canals" so I left a detailed email of my pain and hoped they would call. Dia returned my call and scheduled with me (I was at work and all I could think about was the pain) around noon, which was my earliest availability. When I arrived I was greeted with smiles and welcomed by Dia and Bill. Shortly after my arrival I was seen by Dr. Dianat. He introduced himself in a friendly compassionate manner and after a small discussion of my pain he had explained what tests he would conduct to see if I was a candidate for the procedure. Yep I was. After the procedure (Dr. Dianat uses a large microscope by the way) of cleaning out my rotted tooth, checking for cracks, and a lot more things He did, they conducted a 3-D scan and scheduled me for part 2 of the procedure. The procedure went very well. The pain was manageable immediately (when he drilled through my molar, I could feel the pressure subside) as each hour went by after the procedure (I was on antibiotics for the infection, ibuprofen for inflammation , and an ice pack for inflammation). I was 100% confident I had made the right decision to choose Irvine Endodontics and very blessed to have Dr. Dianat conduct the procedure. I returned to my 2nd visit to finalize my root canal and again was greeted with smiles by Dia and was seen by Dr. Dianat moments later. The procedure was completed with precision and was painless. I highly recommend anyone who has any pain, fears, and/or doubts about having this procedure done or knows they need a root canal, to call Irvine Endodontics and ask for Dr. Omid Dianat. He truly is a master of his craft. Thank you Dr. Dianat!

senior man with glass smiling

"Highly Recommended"

Highly recommended. I created an account just to write this review! I had my first root canal done years ago and came back recently and had work done by Dr. Dianat. I have to say, their doctors are extremely nice and patient. DA Thao was also very experienced and understanding.